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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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sunrise in the south bay, another hot one and how many customers are still without power this morning. the police opened fire on person driving on the bay bridge and the witnesses share their stories of what happened as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for waking up this morning. it is still hot and most parts of the bay area on this monday, june 19. i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark.
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this hot weather is our top story in firefighters rushed to the fire in benicia and a large pile of wood went up in flames off of 680 and about five miles northeast of the valero refinery. the power pole came down early this morning and here are live picture's and we are right there. the big concern is that the fire mace red. it is possible due to the strong wind but not threatening any homes right now and no homes or businesses have been evacuated. the fire is still burning and we are not sure how the fire started. if you are me, midnight the rain came down and it was a lovely sound as some parts of the bay area got rain, thunder and lightning. this is from orinda in the east bay taken near the fish rancher
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road around 1 am this morning. we did hear reports of lightning in hayward, union city and in san jose. it definitely cool this down for moment but the humidity came in.>> that leads us right over to steve talking about so many things. >> back-to-back sunday thunderstorms. one from the north last sunday in marin county, sonoma and napa lake in this one came up from the east with the heat all- in-one wait. i don't think we will see that again in the month of june. the fog is pouring in for some, especially on the golden gate bridge. we have a beautiful sunrise with cumulus clouds dancing around and you could see the towering amble heads forming over the sierra if you are looking and some of that came over us to bring us those thunderstorms. 60s and 70s with temperatures
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running cooler, 5 degrees for some, santa rosa down by three, oakland airport down by five with some cloud cover left behind. this band fizzled out around southern sonoma, marin county and san pablo bay. northwest oakland hayward and a stronger delta breeze with low clouds making a bigger push than this is showing. you can see this western edge of the thunderstorm that is like this monsoon pattern which does not kick in until the end of july or august but we had it yesterday with that system coming up. gusting at 21 and dropping 10 degrees for some today. yesterday was seven miles an hour which is a huge difference. 60s for some, 50s brothers and 70s for a few. the delta breeze is in full force which is not good news for firefighting off of the lake herman road. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
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i am adjusting to temperatures as i go. >> between benicia and cordelia, i'm sure they are getting in on the mix gusting up to 29. let's go to these pictures of the fire near benicia and interstate 680 freeway at lake herman road . you can see the smoke blowing away from the area , and the fire crews continue to fight this fire that started just before 4:00 this morning east of interstate 680 near lake herman road. it was reported as a grass fire but there's also would -- wood debris, and it is causing a little bit of slow traffic on interstate 680 nearby. the fire does not appear to be growing much farther than it did when we first saw it.
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it is still burning obviously and the piles of wood standing up that smoke. we have slow traffic due to an earlier stalled vehicle on the bay bridge that was pushed off of the bridge but the damage is done. look at this coming around the corner with traffic backed up at the bay bridge and it is pretty slow. if the bay bridge is your commute, give yourself extra time this morning. here's a look at interstate 880 at oakland and traffic moving around well. on willow road they declare there is an accident and traffic is slow northbound. it could be slow southbound into 80 is a good alternate route -- 280 is a good alternate route. and most of the bay area we are preparing for another very hot day.>> you can fill it out there in christien kafton is in san jose talking about how some of the people are waking up without air conditioning
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because they have power outages.>> reporter: it is a rough day. you heard steve talking about it a moment ago and we expect hot temperatures again today with high temperatures pushing the grid to the limit yesterday with all of the air- conditioners clicking on. pg&e has reported that 1800 customers were without power this morning, 1500 right here in san jose. more than 8000 customers lost power yesterday, pg&e said the high energy demand from the air- conditioners could have contributed. the area hit hard in high temperatures forecasted again today. one construction worker said that when he is outside protecting himself and the heat is the number one priority. >> stay in the shade and drink cold water and i have ice cold water my lunch hail -- lunchpail right now. we are looking for those temperatures to hit again.>> reporter: san jose kept open
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the cooling station until 9:00 last night in opening another one at 6 am which is right about now which gives you a sense of how hot it was yesterday, and how high the expected temperatures to go again today. >> that is too bad for them to be without power, that is rough. the heat appears to have caused this, and look at this sidewalk that buckled in santa rosa. the freelance photographer took the video the damaged sidewalk and it could have buckled because the concrete expands when it is exposed to extreme heat for long periods of time. that is hot. the investigation continues into the shooting on the bay bridge by the chp officer that shot and wounded a man that reportedly was trying to get around the accident scene. the witnesses not want to be identified but said the driver of the ray kadlec tried to go around the crash scene on the
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shoulder of the bridge and stop as the female police officer approached the vehicle. >> i've spoke to another gentleman part of the crowd and we were all standing there. he mentioned that he had a pretty good view of the window and said that the driver rolled the window down a few inches and the officer shined a light on him and was talking with him and he rolled the window back up. she tried to tap on the glass to continue talking to him and he drove away.>> chp said the driver of the cadillac sped away on the shoulder. witnesses said it seemed obvious the driver was trying to get away from the officer and that another officer was standing on the shoulder in front of the car ahead of the witness car and opened fire. >> he was more or less shielded by the car that was in front of him. i did not see the driver of the kadlec make any sort of motion as if trying to hit the officer. >> the kadlec finally stopped and the driver got out a few
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minutes later. the chp spokesman said he was wounded several times and that he is in stable condition but will likely face charges including assault with a deadly weapon. it is 6:09 am. doctors offering medical advice about guns and what pediatricians are being urged to deal with on this tough topic for parents and families. again, the top story of the day the hot weather and the warning for pet owners and many people continue to forget.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:12 am. members of the faith leaders holding moment of silent after the driver of the van rammed through a crowd standing outside of the mosque. and an attack on one faith is an attack on all faith. one person was killed and several injured, and the police are investigating this as a terror attack. >> reporter: the tactic of using the vehicle to cause mayhem is all too familiar and this time the target appears to be muslim worshipers, sure to inflame the tensions. the confusion in the aftermath of the attack, the crowd holding the man said to be the driver of the van that veered into the crowd leaving the mosque. one witness said the van hit the group rendering first aid
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to an elderly man that had collapsed.>> there were six people on top of him, and the driver turned left with no indication. he turned left and struck the people.>> reporter: the 48-year- old driver of the van reported to be a caucasian is now in custody and authorities in london were already on alert due to the recent attacks on the london bridge in the concert venue in manchester. >> no matter what the motivation of the attack proves to be we are keeping an open mind and it is being treated as a terror attack and that counterterrorism unit is investigating. >> reporter: some are skeptical and angry saying that the attack was not quickly described as terrorism. >> the media controls everything and they are able to put a title on it and said that an incident happened. everybody knows that around the world it would been called terrorism.>> reporter: the
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british home secretary disputes that saying he was treated as a suspected terrorist attack from the very beginning. in washington, doug luzader fox news. u.s. navy is prompting a full investigation of the week and collision between the uss fitzgerald and the container ship off of japan. it happened saturday morning while many crewmembers were sleeping. seven sailors initially reported missing were found dead in the flooded compartments and yesterday the navies release of the -- the navy released the name of the seven killed and two from san diego. shingo alexander douglass and carlos victor ganzon sibayan . it is 6:14 am. an average of 19 children in the u.s. every day are killed or injured in shootings in this report by the center for disease control is the most comprehensive study yet and finds 1300 children under the
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age of 18 guy from gunshot wound every year. more than 80% of the deaths or injuries involved are boys. african-american children have the highest rate of homicide by a gun, and the why did native american children have the highest rate of suicide using a gun. researchers are encouraging doctors to talk about gun safety with parents, especially those that keep weapons at home. right now it is 6:15 am. we want to check in with sal and it has been very busy and there is a fire affecting the traffic in benicia . >> that's right, the fire is not blocking the lanes or the fire equipment but you can clearly see it from the freeway near 680 at lake herman road and east of the freeway. the traffic nearby is slowing down. the fire has been burning since 4 am and at sometime between 3:30 am and 4 am it started burning and it was reported at
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3:50 am. it is still burning and you can see the what piles -- weight -- wood piles. definitely smoke blowing, and i want to show you the traffic nearby, and we put this on the map, and it will be slow and the fire is in this area right here. look at all of this slow traffic on 680 southbound from the cordelia johnson heading down to the benicia bridge and causing a traffic and people can see it from the freeway. nearby we have a crash we need to mention, highway 4 at bailey row westbound coming from antioch trying to get to the bay point there is a fire. traffic will be slow. here is a look at the macarthur me westbound bay bridge coming around the corner and there was an earlier stalled vehicle that caused the slower traffic with
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metering lights also slowing down the traffic. give yourself extra time if this is your commute. interstate 880 in oakland looks okay. they did clear the wreck at embarcadero at northbound 101 but the traffic is still slow. it is 6:17 am. plenty going on from the record highs to the overnight thunderstorms in a beautiful sunrise with cumulus clouds dancing across the sky this morning. the fog is flying across the golden gate bridge or was 15 minutes ago. here is from pinole, a beautiful sky. i had a crazy dream and i dreamed we had thunder, lightning and rain but it really did happen. don't do this to me, hold on. don't go anywhere. , hold on for a minute. i think it got too hot for the
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computer. here we go. we have fog, more so than what we can see on the satellite. that is the thunderstorm activity that came up right here. i think my computer is stuck so we will have to send it back to you guys. we are having issues again. it will continue to be hot for most areas but cooler today than yesterday with fog rolling in over the golden gate. >> steve will be back in a minute. it is 6:18 am and in the meantime, google takes action against the terrorism propaganda and how they will crackdown on the violent content on the internet. top executives in the bay area at the white house today in we will show you what is on the agenda. ...where each drop was formulated to be smarter....
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:21 am. the stanford university study shows african-americans and latinos are more likely to be cite, search and arrested during routine traffic stops compared to the white drivers. stanford created a nation my database on millions of traffic stop records between 2011-15 and found the double standard for latinos and african- americans.
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researchers say they hope the database will lead to better police policy. an arrest made in connection with the deadly shooting in concord saturday morning at the brenden concord 14 movie theater. brad and sandy jacobson said they told the officer that their son was not at home and during the search the police officers the windows, mirrors and doors and shot and killed the family dog after it fought with the police officer. the police later said they found out the suspect was in a car crash and have been taken to the hospital. he was arrested and placed into custody last night, and his name in the name of the victim have not been released. the six members of president trump advisory council on hiv aids resigned saying that mr. trump "simply does not care." the news broke friday in a letter to newsweek and the
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author said that president trump did not meet with medical experts about the disease as a candidate and took down the website for the office of national aids policy the day he took office. "it is the last straw was the administration attempt to roll back health coverage." the resignation letter said " because we do not believe the trump administration is listening to our cares about the communities we serve, we have decided it is time to step down." there's been no comment from the white house on the resignations. the personal lawyer of trump says that he is not under investigation from the department of justice contradicting what trump tweeted out last week. >> that tweet was in response the washington post story that alleged that five unnamed sources, anonymous sources late to the washington post that the president was in fact under investigation. that tweet was in response to
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that. making the rounds on the sunday talk shows and making contradictions in the heated exchange.>> he is being investigated for taking action that the attorney general, deputy attorney general recommended he take by the agency that recommended the termination. >> what is the question? you have stated some facts and he now set he has thing investigated a few said he is not. >> no, he is not being investigated. >> critics have accused president trump of obstruction of justice by allegedly pressuring form fbi director james comey to drop the department investigation into the former national security adviser michael flynn. president trump today's meeting with several top tech ceos, the first meeting of the american technology council and some businesses include apple, tim cook, oracle, amazon and
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expected to talk about how the federal government can better use information technology, cybersecurity and visas. many tech leaders have denounced the presidential policy on immigration and climate change in the last few months. google says they're focusing on new policies to reduce the amount of terrorism related videos and they will increase the use of technology to identify extremist videos across all of its fights including youtube. they will add more staff to screen out terrorism related content and google promises to be more aggressive when it comes to putting warnings on the content that is considered inflammatory. all of this comes after british lawmakers call the internet the prime mechanism for the spread and growth of terrorism. it is 6:25 am. boarding passes could be a thing of the past.
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the airlines are testing facial recognition technology more than one decade after the zimmer system failed and we will show you what changed. we are continuing to following develop -- developing stories and a large fires burning out of control at the composting facility. there are a lot of fire crews on the scene and what their strategy is, coming up. we have a lot of slow traffic approaching the bay bridge. we had an earlier stalled vehicle that made a mess of the approach. the bay bridge traffic is slow coming around the corner to the toll plaza.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 on this monday, june 19, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. it is about 6:30 am. the firefighters in benicia are looking at this composting facility where this large pile of wood went up in flames at 680. >> alex savidge is in benicia right now and what do you see? >> reporter: good morning. first of all, the conditions, and i know you have talked about this earlier this morning, very windy out here
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with this strong breeze in the area which is not helping matters. the fire continues to burn but the good news is that it is not spreading beyond the facility on goodyear road. we just received an update a short time ago from the fire chief of the cordelia fire district. this is a large pile of wood and debris, 100 feet by 200 feet burning at the composting plant, ccl organics off of 680. there is a lot of smoke put up and the drivers can see as they drive by. there's a strong breeze that is fanning the flames this morning . since the fire broke out just before 4 am this morning, and we have been told that the power lines were burned in the area and power has been knocked out to a number of businesses and possibly homes nearby. i spoke a short time ago with the gentleman that works at the
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nearby wine business and his power is out and here's what he described when he arrived for work. >> coming up 680 we could see the flames reaching out and i got to work in the power was off. i looked out the back door you can see the flames pretty good. >> reporter: the update from the fire chief is that nobody was injured out here and that we also understand the fire is not threatening any buildings at the composting facility, ccl organics on goodyear road. this is almost a frontage road off of 680 so there is a lot of smoke. it is not necessarily impacting traffic per se but a distraction for the drivers making their way along 680 through benicia and certainly something that can see as they drive by on the freeway. firefighters essentially are letting this thing burn but they want to make sure that none of the ambers are thrown
6:32 am
into this dry grass nearby. for now the large pile of wood and debris continues to burn and they will let it burn itself out and monitor the situation. >> and can you tell us which direction the wind is blowing the fire or moving it? >> reporter: i'm trying to get a sense as you asked me that, and i think we are looking at the wind out of the northwest. >> it appears to be going to the west toward the water. >> reporter: it is certainly going toward the water. let me show you where the smoke is blowing, away from 680 and out toward the delta. >> east over toward the bay. >> it is going away from town. >> it is a westwind. >> reporter: that is certainly a good thing and one thing we
6:33 am
noted wilma got years that the smoke is not heading toward benicia for the freeway. certainly if you had that smoke going over the roadway that would be a much bigger hazard for the drivers. the smoke is going to the delta, certainly sending it in the right direction. >> thank you. we will find out more on the fire and we will continue to take a look at that. take a look at this phase. the napa police rescued this dog left in the car in these incredibly hot temperatures. somebody saw the five-year-old terrier mix inside the car at the marketplace, call the police and animal control measure the car temperature, 136 degrees. the dog is doing okay.>> people forget it is hot, and even hotter in the car. it is 6:33 am. i think the wind is getting
6:34 am
stronger out were alex this, and travis is at 29, that stretch over to cordelia, and when that wind blows, you need both hands on the steering wheel. you can see right here, sign that we will start dropping the temperatures. that was not the case yesterday. we have the plows moving across the skies from last night thunderstorm and spectacular in sonoma, a nice picture and thank you for that. not only do we have the plows from the thunderstorms that are coming by and rotating, but almost like a monsoon pattern. it is not even officially summer and this came up from the east southeast. we have some pretty good fog and it will be cooler today, adjusting temperatures downward into the 60s, 70s by the coast and 80s by the bay, near 100 inland.
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the fog is moving over the bay, and it is over the sutro tower at 6:25 am. thank you. the fog is flying over the golden gate bridge, 21 gusting up to 29, and that is a major difference compared to yesterday when it was seven miles an hour or less. the onshore breeze is in place, still warm for some but noticeably cooler than it was 24 hours ago. here's that thunderstorm that came up from the southeast from the east bay up to san pablo bay and into marin county, fizzling out over petaluma. we are on the western edge of this as a rotated around but we have the hi backing off to allow this onshore breeze. 60s on the temperatures, some 50s, bodega bay and point ray down to 53. look for
6:36 am
temperatures warm today but i think you can notice the difference, 60s, 70s, 80s and some 90s. we have the westwind were alex is. >> the wind is blowing toward the delta out of the west, and we will show you other traffic problems because this has been a slow morning with a lot of incidents this morning for this early commute. at the maccarthur maze we still have slow traffic left over from the stopped vehicle on the bay bridge. the traffic is very slow on 80 coming around the corner. this is a 30 to 35 minute delay. that is to get on to the bay bridge and want to get on the span it is still pretty slow. i would give myself extra time this morning. 880 in oakland not looking bad in front of the oracle arena. highway 4 slow with that earlier crash at bailey road and on the kirker pass a road,
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at the concord pavilion we had an earlier crash in that area as well. the commute on 880 southbound getting a little bit slow. i want to clear this up as we go back to the benicia fire were alex was, and when steve says the wind is from the west, that means it comes from the west this way and asked alex said it is blowing toward the water which is where the smoke is going but still visible from the freeway creating a traffic issue. it is 6:37 am. a woman in santa rosa died after being trapped in her burning mobile home and the flames spread so fast there was little chance of getting to her. her husband and her son managed to escape but she was trapped in the master bathroom. the neighbors were horrified to hear what happened. >> i heard her scream.
6:38 am
when it went up, and it was black smoke and the fire came out and all i could hear was that woman screaming. it was awful. i watch tv and see things on tv but never in 1 million years what i imagine this. >> the husband of the woman tried to rescue her but that eat and flames made it impossible for him to get near where she was in the cause of the fire is under investigation . a triple homicide in modesto is under investigation. the woman and her two young sons were killed over the weekend and the police responded to reports of an assault at a home on saturday night. they found the bodies of the 30- year-old woman and her nine- year-old and four-year-old sons. they had found the husband on the lawn with self-inflicted injuries and they have not said he is a suspect in the killings but they said they are not searching for anyone else in the case. the pennsylvania judge may release the names of the jury that failed to reach the verdict in the bill cosby sexual assault trial.
6:39 am
the names are shielded under the protective order but some news organizations are challenging the rule and the judge could revisit the issue as early as today. bill cosby was charged with three felony counts stemming from allegations that he drugged and violated andrea constance at his home in 2004. the jury deliberated for over 52 hours but could not reach a unanimous decision. the lawyers' said they are disappointed that he was not acquitted. >> i feel like this da deal is going too far and it is too personal, and he is trying to make a name for himself off of the name of mr. cosby and this should go away. he got his opportunity and now he has the bragging rights to say that he brought bill cosby to trial. he got that shot and i think he is taken his shot and should let it go. >> cosby remains free on a $1 million bail.
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the judge said that he will try to reschedule the new trial within 120 days. the northern california woman is facing attempted murder charges after being accused of attacking and attempting an exorcism on her daughter. the humboldt county sheriff's investigator said that kimberly felder stripped her 11-year-old daughter naked, shove the sand into her mouth at the secluded beach in ferndale. a witness wrestled her to the ground as she continued to hit her daughter and they had with driftwood. the witness said that she said she was trying to remove the demons from her daughter. the girl was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries . in montana dozens of people were injured in some critically after the second story deck collapsed over the weekend on the flathead lake during the memorial event for firefighter that died in april. about 50 people were on the deck when it collapsed in one witness said that one side felt spongy before it went down. the fire department officials
6:41 am
say there may not be local regulations of the maximum capacity on balconies or decks. the time is 6:40 am. it is not only hot in the bay area, and see the damaged caused to the sacramento freeway due to the scorching temperatures. when should the children be allowed to own a cell phone? coming up, keeping these out of young hands. traffic is going to be slow in many areas. we've had a couple of incidents, especially at the bay bridge, a shaky commute to start in we will tell you what happened.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the numbers are up, the dow jones as we take a live look, up by 75 points, 21,460. the nasdaq is up, up 60 points this morning as is the s&p 500. still uncertainty over the retailers, and a lot of talk about what could happen because of the merger we've been talking about with the buyout of whole foods. the prices could soon drop at the grocery store following the amazon announcement that it is buying whole foods. the ceo jeff bezos says he wants to keep the store's reputation for premium foods and wants to cut the prices.
6:45 am
he is hoping to set the paycheck image that the whole foods has acquired but lower prices could come with job cuts . according to bloomberg amazon is expected to use technology that could eliminate the cashiers. amazon has denied any job cuts are planned. it is 6:45 am. jetblue is testing new facial recognition technology at the logan international airport, a decade after the logan airport tried to use similar technology for the employees, and daniel miller will show was what changed. >> it is one happy island, a safe and beautiful place to go. >> reporter: fred adams of franklin is talking about his favorite destination of aruba. he and his wife lillian have been going to the tropical island for about 10 years and the latest drupal be quite different. jetblue rolled out this facial recognition system for the passengers at the logan airport
6:46 am
that allows passengers to be photographed at the gate rather than checking in with a boarding pass. >> you don't have to pull out the passport or boarding pass, just go to the line, they take your picture, and that's it. >> reporter: jetblue said that the system is voluntary and those that choose to use it will have the image checked against the agent against the passport or the visa photo on file at the u.s. customs. >> it gets us through boarding much quicker and it's great if it works out fine. >> reporter: in 2002 the logan airport officials tried similar technology to verify airport employees after the 9/11 attacks but canceled it after it failed to properly identify nearly 40% of the people. jetblue says that technology has changed with the facial recognition algorithms that are much more sophisticated.>> combining the changes has enabled us to use facial recognition's.
6:47 am
>> reporter: the airline says it is about the customer ease of getting the passengers to the gates efficiently. passengers not accurately identified can show the identification to the agent to verify their identity. passengers that choose not to use the facial recognition system can check-in using boarding passes and showing the id. other airports will test the technology later this year. from the logan airport, daniel miller. >> thank you. it is 6:47 am. there is a new grassroots effort in colorado to block the cell phones from being sold to kids under 13, parents against underage smartphones is collecting signatures and put the initiative on the 2018 ballot. that would require retailers to ask the age of the user into submit a monthly report to the state. retailers that sell a phone to someone used under the age of 18
6:48 am
-- under 13 could be fined $500 for the first offense. they say that the kids can develop speech and language problems after constantly looking at the screens. it is 6:48 am. there is a conversation in many households, and sal, your girls are probably already grabbing your cell phone. >> they already know screen time, and we have to limit that. if you are driving -- screen time watching me on tv is allowed. driving westbound bay bridge, it is a slow approach around the corner using the bay bridge unless you're in the carpool lane, you will be waiting for a bit at the toll plaza due to the earlier style vehicle on the bridge. it is slow as you drive through. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, and traffic is backed up and unless you look at the carpool lane,
6:49 am
interstate 880 a slow traffic. very slow out of antioch and 680 is low out of concord into walnut creek. a reminder that we had a fire at the composting plant on the east side of 680, southbound from the cordelia junction is very slow toward the benicia bridge. it is 639 -- 6:49 am. pretty quiet for the last week or so but thunderstorms last weekend from that cold and unseasonably strong blow, thunderstorms last night coming around to this high pressure, almost a monsoon pattern kicking in. over the past seven days we have it in extremes. we had that storm last night, and good morning. a lot of cloud cover and you can see the big and ball heads forming over this year and on the -- and i will -- anvil heads
6:50 am
forming over the sierra. this is a tough forecast, 60s and 70s at the coast, 80s and 90s and near 100 inland. when travis asked gusting at 29 miles an hour, that is usually a signature of cooler weather. the highs for sunday, mountain view, santa rosa, san jose, oakland, sfo. remember last sunday livermore was 65. this sunday they were 106. kenfield 103, richmond at 92. the key is going from 21 and gusting to 29 and even vacaville gets the westwind which is not the case for yesterday. 50s, 60s and 70s with cloud cover left over from the thunderstorms last night out of the east southeast at midnight
6:51 am
to 2 am. the fog is shallow but they are, leaving behind cloud cover. otherwise today well in the and still warm to hot but not as bad as yesterday. 60s and 70s on the temperatures, concord pavilion at 67, and still some very warm overnight lows. they will get warmer but the highs about 5 to 10 degrees cooler for some. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s near 100 degrees. we will get a cooldown today and tomorrow. one forecast model shows very warm for thursday in the other one showing it is warm. cooler for everybody over the weekend. it is 6:51 am. most people want to keep information private but researchers are offering an incentive to track your life for the next 20 years, what they hope to achieve and what the volunteers will get in return. the man accused of robbing the fast food restaurant and trying to earn cash the old- fashioned way.
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this is how it feels when you eat a subway® $6 footlong sub of the day. it's the taste you love, at a price you can't get enough of. the $6 footlong sub of the day. a different footlong every day of the week. like the tukey breast on wednesday and the sweet onion chicken teriyaki on monday. for just $6 bucks! seven days, seven footlongs, seven more ways to enjoy subway®. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:54. , the 1212-year-old girl found. >> her name is laura wills lucas. she went missing saturday near upper -- road. mercury news says she became separated from adult who was
6:55 am
with her the sanity cruz county sheriff's office says she was found with by a neighbor in area: she's being checked out to make sure she's okay. >> a man was arrested after a police chase through several counties. it started in orange county about 4:30 and ended after more than two hours, the chp say it is man was driving through santa ana, anaheim, new port beach, huntington beach and my sister was having a graduation party. she said the helicopter were overhead. a few other cities sped through at running red light, the man surrendered after driveing into a field and fortunately, no one was hurt. a robber hold up popular food chain, and returned to the scene of the crime hours later, not for more money but for a job application. the bizarre situation happened at a jack in the box restaurant in tulsa, oklahoma and a man
6:56 am
walked in saturday morning, and stole all the cash, and hours litter same person walked back in to ask for a job. >> -- later that same person walked in to ask for a job. . >> all right. employees were able to keep him occupied until the police showed were to make the arrest. police say he amount is responsible for robbing a nearby beauty supply store at about noon, that same day and no one was hurt in either incident. time is 6:56. some researchers are looking for 10,000 volunteers willing to give up their priefty for 20 years all in the name of science. researchers in new york are recruiting participants for a study called it human project. they want people willing to give up everything, from cell phone locations, credit card swipe, blood samples and life changing events. they say is goal is to study how day affects our health,
6:57 am
age, education and other parts of human life. participants are given $500 for enrollment. here at home a new art project in soon leandro is teaching young taggers thousand use their talents in a better way. kid and houston are both 17 years old. they're working on a mural that will be installed on east 14th street and west wana avenue. a -- teamed up with the downtown soon leandro to make this beautiful project happen. young people say they're learning thousand express themselves in a new way. >> it is a way to learn that's fun but you can put it interest a structures manner to where you can even build a career off of it. >> i didn't know how to do this at all. i don't know how to paint somebody and i come here last week, and there's a person on this thing now. there's a person, and i am so happy. this is beautiful. >> the art work will be
6:58 am
unvailed on thursday night during the truth thursday even. it will be in front of the church's brew city statue near the bart station. time is 6:58, if a's beat the yankee, 4-3. they have the worst record in american league but they swept the yankees who are in first place. it was a hot father's day at the coliseum, oh yeah, yankees took a two-run lead but they came back in the third scoring all of the runs, and they scored four times, chris davidson is 18th home run, that helped the a's win 4463 and complete a sweep of the yankees just the third time they have swept the yankees in the four game series since they moved to oakland, in 1968. >> the giants also in last place in their division, giant versus now lost 6 games in a row. the giants are actually up against the rockies, brandon crawford runs deep in fifth giving the giant a two-run
6:59 am
lead, tie blocked for team -- but they revolvely. they took a 3-3 lead. the giants come back, pence pinch hit in top of the ninth. the giants scored one more run, took a 5-3 lead to bottom of the inning, -- the first pitch himself, and mark goes into the left field seats. that was a cycle for aaron. he completed it. the rockies finished the four game sweep of the giants winning 7-5. more power and for a couple of hours. >> power outages, surprise even thunderstorms, part of the bay area seeing record hot temperatures, how long this heat expect today last as mornings on 2 continues. ues. . >> this ktvu moshings on 2. >> -- morning 50s on 2. >> good morning to you. >> good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2. i am
7:00 am
claudiane. >> it is good the see you. last time i saw you you were on the parade. >> i saw you over weekend. >> i'm dave lark clark. steve is out in the weather, outside, steve, i don't have to tell you it is warm. >> reporter: it is, but it is noticeably cooler if you are in, if you live in -- square or oakland, a couple of people have been walking by and i said does it feel cooler to you. they all said yes. they're trying to get the run in early. we had as you mentioned thunderstorm, back to back weekend especially on sunday with hundred thunderstorms. a lot of these just still dancing around a little bit, kind of dotting the sky but that's the leftover from last night about midnight to 2:00 a.m., those thunderstorms came up from the east-southeast like a monsoon pattern kicked in yesterday afternoon along with the blazing hot temperature,-u see a little ease beast with the flag down there at jack london. we don't have the


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